About Studio - Arki-Sigat
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About Us

Arki-Sigat was incorporated in Malaysia in 1996 with a handful of architects and has since evolved into a full-fledged design consultancy practice comprising of architects, town planners and interior designers.


The practice consists of innovative, dynamic and creative personnel who strongly believe in a Complete Design Solution that satisfy the wide ranging and unique needs of our clients from various institutions.


The word ‘Arki’ is short for Architecture while the word ‘Sigat’ is a local Malay word for diligent, which reflects the working culture of the practice.


The spirit of teamwork is strongly entrenched in our work ethics and this has resulted in a harmony of efforts towards achieving our professional goals.


The practice is constantly evolving and advocates the nurturing of new talents and embracing innovative ideas and technology in our designs.


The following associated companies are part of the expanding Arki-Sigat Team that were created to better service our client’s requirements and needs.